Deer Hunting Made Simple For Beginners

Deer in the Wild

Despite having invested in the best hunting gear, you still managed to get nothing during your last hunting trip. Buying the best hunting gear from hunting stores in Michigan, such as D&R Sports Center, is only one step towards success. However, becoming a hunting professional is highly dependent on your skill level in using the gear to hunt. Use the tips below to become better at hunting.

Where and When

The knowledge of where and what deer do is of the essence. Once you have determined their habits in the season, it could be easier to track them. Set up your stand around their feeding grounds. But you can hunt them at any time of the day and any place during the rutting season.

Cover your Scent

Deer have a perfect sense of smell to the extent that they will notice that you are, or have been, in a particular area. Therefore, you should aim at getting rid of any scent that might cause them to get alarmed and stay out of range. You should, therefore, bath with a scent-free soap in the morning and avoid using any perfume. You should also spray your hunting boots and stand with an odor eliminator. Lastly, stay downwind to prevent your body scent from being blown towards them.

Be Attractive

Professional hunters have been using deer attractants for years so as to optimize their hunting. Fortunately for you, these attractants are sold in many hunting stores in Michigan. Look for anything in the line of deer feeders, deer feeds, and deer urine. Set these items close to your hunting area to bring the deer within your range.

Do not give up on your hobby before trying these suggestions. By using these on the next trip, you can improve your hunting skills and become the hunter you've always wanted to be.