Fishing Hooks 101 for First-Timers

Family fishing at a campsiteFishing hooks come in all types and sizes. First-timers may find it difficult, however, to buy the right one when they visit a Michigan fishing gear store since there’s a wide selection available. However, D&R Sports Center says that it’s easy to learn these types and sizes quickly. This way, you can pick the right ones for your needs as soon as possible.

Fishing Hook Types

  • Worm Hook

Fishing hooks have different types for different fish species. Three of the most popular ones include the worm hook, the bait holder hook, and the treble hook. You’ll probably be most familiar with the worm hook that’s used for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth bass, Speckled Trout, and Redfish. This can also be rigged in different ways that you can actually use it in timber, rocks, and weeds.

  • Bait Holder

The bait holder, on the other hand, features several barbs along its shank. These barbs keep any bait from sliding off the hook. You can use this type for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Panfish, and Catfish.

  • Treble Hook

The treble hook looks like a miniature anchor, as it has three points that all share one eye. With such a shape, you can use it well on artificial lures. You can also use cut bait, and the treble hook will shine. You can use the treble hook for all species of Gamefish.

Fishing Hook Size Scale

Aside from the type, you also have to choose the right size of the hook. The hook scale starts with “size” 10, then 8, 7, 6, 5, and so on. Remember that the smaller the number, the larger the hook. From there, the hook scale begins again with “aught” 1/0, then 2/0, 4/0, 6/0, 8/0, and ends with 10/0. The higher the number, the larger the hook.

Determine the Right Size

To choose the right hook size, you have to consider the fish you want to catch. Small fish need small hooks, while big fish can be caught with small hooks as well. Large hooks will work well with large fish too.

By learning the types and sizes of hooks, you can add to your fishing knowledge and improve your fishing skills.