Get Your Jewelry Insured Against Loss or Damage

Jewelry in a boxMany people lose their jewelry to theft, damage, or mysterious loss. Because of this, it is paramount to ensure that you are covered in the event that any of the three happen. There are a variety of ways to reduce these risks, and they include the following:

1.Buy jewelry that has awarranty.

A warranty can cover defects that arise from poor manufacturing and should be included upon purchase. Most of the warranty policies require that you have your jewelry checked regularly after every six months. This ensures a lifetime guarantee; if you neglect to take the jewelry for a check, you risk voiding the warranty. The jewelers that sold you the jewelry often insist that they be the only one who can do the checking. So, if you bought your piece from jewelers in Utah, such as AAA Jewelers, you will have to return the ring to the same shop for checking.

2.Renter’s Insurance.

This type of insurance has two options, you can either include the jewelry in the insurance for your belongings, or you can add the original deductible to have it insured. The insurance coverage varies from company to company, but most of them cover for damage. They will seldom cover for mysterious disappearances, however. As a word of caution, always choose the policy that can sufficiently cover your jewelry’s loss.

3. Jewelry Insurance.

This type of insurance offers comprehensive risk coverage for your jewelry. You can protect your jewelry from theft, damage, natural disasters like floods, and cases of mysterious disappearance. It offers a flexible deductible, hence you can customize the insurance to fit your budget. In addition, you are at liberty to work with the jeweler of your choice whenever you would like to settle a claim.

These three ways of covering your jewelry help you worry less about your loss if you were to lose the jewelry to theft, damage or loss. Choosing the right method and the one that fits your budget is advised. Furthermore, the more comprehensive the insurance is, the lower your risk.