Guess Your Partner’s Ring Preference With These 3 Tips

engagement ringWhen it comes to buying an engagement ring, remember that you should do your research first. And when we say research, it’s more than just educating yourself about diamond qualities. It also means researching on your partner’s preferences and taste, especially the ring size.

Below are some tips on how to learn about your partner’s taste when it comes to engagement rings. AAA Jewelers suggests that you keep these things in mind before you shop for an engagement ring in Salt Lake City.

Ask her best friends

Chances are your partner talks about her ring preference with her closest friends. If she doesn’t give you a hint at all, it’s best to call for backup. This is a bit tricky and you should do it with caution. It is always best to ask the questions face to face instead of asking them over email or via chat.

Compare and wait

If you have friends who recently got engaged, you can try inquiring about your friend’s engagement ring (without the newly engaged couple, of course) and wait for what your partner will say. If you don’t have recently engaged friends, then you can do the same trick only with newly engaged celebrities. Better yet, ask a jeweler for recommendations.

Check her jewelry box

If you don’t want to risk ruining the surprise and want this to be a one-man job, try taking a peek at her jewelry box and see what types of ring she wears. Is she fond of the classics or is she more of a free spirit who likes colors and vintage items? Why not snag one of her rings to get her ring size, too.

There are many ring styles and designs to choose from. But what’s important is that you know your partner’s preferences. This could take some time, so make sure you’ve already done your research before you visit a jewelry shop so as not to waste your time.