How Can You Maximise Space in a Small Apartment?

Interior of Small ApartmentA vacuum storage bag can be a solution to clothes that you simply can’t afford to throw away yet or have no more place to keep them at home.

If you have no walk-in closet, clothes for a particular season can be stored in vacuum-sealed storage bags and placed under your bed. While some people think that a home expansion is the best solution, there are many simple and cost-efficient ways to maximise small spaces.

Stylish Storage

Your wall space will be the most useful part of the house or apartment for additional storage. Any room inside the house can feel more spacious with as many drawers, hidden cabinets and other furnishings that can be integrated into the walls.

For bigger items, it may be better to invest in storage boxes that can be tucked away under the couch. Make sure they fit, as you do not want to damage the floor, especially if you are renting them with a security deposit. If you own the place and plan to expand, take note that half of the cost will go to the necessary materials while the remaining half will be spent on labour and permits, among other fees.

Home Expansion

A home addition in Australia may cost at least $1,200 per square metre, depending on where you live in the country. Full brick extensions are the most expensive at around $1,680 per square metre.

The price of expanding the ground floor can be more or less expensive. Timber extensions cost at least $1,350 per square metre, while brick veneers cost $1,500 per square metre. An additional floor to a house costs between $1,900 and $3,000 per square metre.

Simple storage solutions at home should be your first option before considering a renovation project, which requires a significant amount no matter where you live in Australia.