How Do Weddings in Maine Fare with the Rest of the Country?

wedding ringsThere’s nothing more romantic than being at French Point and having one of the most intimate Maine weddings on the water. But it also begs the question, with something as gorgeous as this, how much would it cost? Better yet, how do the state’s weddings compare with the rest of the United States?

The Average Wedding Costs in the United States

Weddings are expensive, but over the years, they are becoming pricier. In 2017, The Knot released a 2016 study after polling 13,000 Americans who got married during the year.

Based on their analysis, a typical wedding in the United States would have already cost a massive $35,329. This was a significant jump from the 2015 results, which showed couples would have spent only $31,213 in 2014.

When broken down into different categories, much of the expenses went toward venues, with an average price of $16,107. Interestingly, couples were more likely to spend on engagement rings than anything else on their wedding. The average cost for, say, a diamond was over $6,000.

Taking the third spot was a reception band, which was a reflection of how couples now prefer custom entertainment for the guests. In fact, some of the biggest gains compared to the previous year were in photo booths, fireworks, and games. The overall costs of entertainment already tripled since 2009.

It’s Not Equal Among States

The numbers, however, are only average costs. It means there may be states that demand a much higher budget.

Some of the biggest differences in wedding costs are in New York. Ceremonies in Manhattan average about $75,000, which is almost twice the average wedding cost in the country. But if couples choose to get married in Long Island, they can bring down the expenses to around $61,000.

Weddings in Maine are significantly cheaper. According to The Knot, the overall expenses would be a little over $25,000, which makes it more affordable than most states in the country.

Every couple is entitled to spend as much money as they want for their weddings, but it may also be helpful for them to be practical and work according to a budget. It helps reduce the chances of dealing with financial stress.