How Much Does it Cost to Tie the Knot in Minnesota?

Groom and Bride KissingIf you’re planning to tie the knot in Minnesota this year, you should expect to spend around $19,000 on average or $136 per guest. In cities such as Minneapolis, the price is more expensive at an average of almost $32,600. The usual price ranges between $24,000 and $40,700, while each guest may incur up to $284 of additional expenses.

Special Theme

The cost of a wedding varies, particularly if there is a custom theme. For instance, couples who plan to hold barn weddings in Minnesota will need to plan a special budget that particularly revolves around finding the perfect venue.

Take note that the average price would mean a smaller guest list. In Minneapolis, a wedding with up to 100 guests would cost more than $21,300 compared to around $32,760 for 101 people. Think carefully about sending invitations, as it takes only one person to create an impact on your budget.

Wedding Ideas

Those who want a farm-style wedding may find it easier to book a place due to its growing popularity. Some couples may find a barn as a cliché setting for their special occasion, but what they don’t know is it can be personalized with the right decorations.

This theme is also perfect for those who want to save money on flowers and other wedding décor. A rustic and minimalistic appeal serves as its best-selling points after all. There’s just something about a wooden ambiance that makes everyone feel cozy. If you’re unsure how to pull off a barn wedding, an event planner could easily materialize your thoughts.

You can choose to save money by just splurging on a nice venue for your wedding, while keeping it simple for other details. It’s also better to shop around for rates from event planners during off-peak seasons, as you’re likely to get better rates.