How to Incorporate Pearl Jewelry into Your Daily Style

Pair of pearl earringsPearls are a timeless wardrobe accessory. They are a good match for any outfit and occasion. But even with this flexibility, it can be tricky to incorporate it into your everyday clothes.

The pearl’s length, shape, size, and color can be diverse, but you can achieve a perfect look by getting your pearls from a designer who specializes in custom jewelry design to match your lifestyle and look. Here is a guide on how to wear your pearl pieces properly.


Dangles, hoop and stud earrings are common earring designs for pearls. These are accented with various gemstones, primarily diamonds. People with pale skin and cool undertones look lovely in pink pearl earrings. Tanned and olive skin with warm tones works best with black and lavender pearls. Petite women look dashing with studs while well-built and tall ones should go for bold and dangling pearl earrings.

Necklaces and Pendants

Pearl pendants and necklaces will give any outfit a touch of class. Opera, princess and choker lengths are the most common pearl necklace types. Small pearls look best when worn close to the heart in necklaces and short pendants. Oversized pearls are ideally used as single stones on long pendants or as statement stones in chokers.


These are typically made to fit your wrist in single, double or triple configurations. There are also station-style designs made by wrapping individual pearls on sterling silver or gold chains. Combining pearls with braided metal, leather, charm and beaded bracelets is one of the trendiest ways you can achieve a layered look.

Now that you know how to wear your pearls, it is time to add them to your jewelry collection. There are various types of pearls including Akoya, south sea, freshwater, and Tahitian pearls, but choose the one that suits you and your style.