How to Raise the Bar in Your Salon Business

a salon owner in her salonIt’s no secret that more women visit salons than men. But here is the good news: men are catching up too. As the bug to maintain professional image bites – well groomed, polished and chic – more men are trooping to salons.

Facials and manicures are warming their way into the men’s menu in addition to a haircut. Such trends are likely to grow into the future, making the salon sector one of the most lucrative business ventures. In fact, the annual revenue is projected to hit the $58.7 billion in 2019.

To get a bigger slice of this pie, you need to bear a few facts in mind for your business.

You need to create a lovely ambience

On top of having the top-notch service, you need to create a one-of-a-kind avenue for your clientele. You want them comfortable while waiting. It means reliable salon furniture suppliers such as PJS Beauty Salon Equipment should hook you up with having top-of-the-range seats and equipment.

With the right kind of equipment, you can do a swell job that will have your clients coming back every week. Best of all, if your customers love your place and service, they’ll recommend your services to their friends.

You understand the target market

By knowing the needs of your clients, you can create a range of service that meets the needs. You certainly don’t want them to pop into your place for one service only to head to the competition for another. If you can get them to trust you for one service say a manicure, you can upsell them a facial.

Such an approach lets you increase your earning per client without raising your fees. However, it all boils down to gaining the trust of your clients first.

As people become more conscious about their looks, salons are poised for a bright future in years to come. However, you must step up and create a business that attracts and meets the needs of your clients.