How to Throw an Unforgettable Party, According to Science

Group of friends partying in the night clubYou might have heard already the essentials of throwing a good party: choose a theme, find the best location, and stick to your budget. But did you know that you could use science to throw a memorable event? Whether you’re trying to pull off a grand debut celebration or a small bachelorette party, you can leverage on psych concepts to nail it.

Psychology of Impressions

According to studies, people make judgments about other people based on the first few seconds of meeting them. To be exact, it’s less than 33 seconds. In the evolutionary perspective, first impressions are important for survival. They increase the level of safety (or alert for danger) when you’re in an unfamiliar situation. This is the same when people go to events.

Before going to that dinner party or wedding reception, people are already thinking if they know anyone at their table or if they could get to the venue without getting lost. All these form their impression of the event. A make or break.

To get that right impression, you should be able to hit two things—comfort and excitement. To increase comfort, make sure people can easily go to your party. Send out a detailed map of the location. In wedding receptions, pay extra attention to who sits with whom.

To hype up the excitement, you should have the right atmosphere in the venue. This depends on your event styling and program introduction. Event rentals in St. Paul, MN have an extensive range, so you’ll be able to find items you can use to accentuate the place. Equally important is your host who will open the event.

Power of Recency

The recency effect is the phenomenon where people are most influenced by what they last saw or heard. In the context of parties, people remember usually that last song played or the last speech uttered. When that “last” is pleasant, it makes people think that they had an overall pleasant experience.

At parties, people often leave at the end of the first hour. By this time, guests have seen everything that is to see at the party, so it makes sense to leave already. For this reason, it’s best to have the important details of the event in the first hour. But of course, you should be able to keep interesting stuff in the next phases. At the same time, you must end the party with a bang.

This is how you throw an awesome party, according to science. Now, go pull off that event.