Looking for a Watch to Wear at an Event? Here Are Three

A variety of men's watchesBeing a man in today’s world means one has to look sharp, presentable, and confident at all times. This means wearing clothes that fit right and with coordinating colors. It even goes down to the shine of your shoe.

One part of that style that is often overlooked is the watch. Indeed, the watch plays a big role. More than an accessory men can wear, they also play a part in completing your look for specific occasions.

Here are three watches that all men will need to know when choosing the right one for the occasion:

1. Dress Watch with Leather Straps

Made for formal events or business suits, this watch isn’t even about the time. It’s about the simple design, which consists of black (or brown) leather straps, a thin case, and light-colored face. The simplicity of the design is what makes it timeless. The color of the watch strap should match your shoes. This watch is easily obtainable in any online jewelry shop in New York.

2. Metal Dive Watch

Popular among divers, this watch boasts the ability to withstand the pressure of underwater diving. Compared with the dress watch, this is larger and has a rotating bezel. But, you are also likely to find men who don’t fancy diving wearing this as their timepiece. The sturdy built and shiny stainless steel add a rugged feel to this watch.

3. Everyday Casual Watch

What if instead of a formal event, you’re heading down to grab a drink with your boys or just picking up a subway sandwich. What watch would you wear then? The everyday casual watch, of course. This is the usual choice among men when they’re on their way to a party, the cinema or a casual date. The straps — usually nylon — means it’s all about comfort.

There is a watch for you for any occasion. Pick the right one, and you’re set.