Make Your Teams Work Together with Bowling

Team enjoying drinks at a bowling centerTeamwork lies at the center of different groups of people. Whether you’re a company, a church, a youth organization, or a large family, you’ll always need teamwork for a specific group to function well. It’s this need that gave rise to team-building activities, which aims to develop trust and camaraderie among the members of a group.

Bowl for Teamwork

You probably know this fact already, and you now want to conduct a team-building activity for your organization to achieve it. You can choose from one of the many activities available, but bowling may be the best choice for all. With readily available bowling alleys like those in Edison’s Entertainment Complex, bowling can be learned easily. It can pose a challenge, such as ball control and cooperation to score points, which can build your group’s teamwork.

Play as a Team Sport

How can you use bowling specifically? For one, you can simply use it as a team sport as most people do. Divide your people into teams and the group with the highest total points wins. You can also add a few twists to make things fun and challenging. You can have a round, for example, where everyone bowls with their weak hands — righties bowl lefty, while lefties bowl righty.

Play with a Twist

When you want an even more unique approach to bowling, you can play bowling poker. Each team will bowl a frame and will receive cards accordingly. Once everyone has bowled, teams can square their poker hands against each other. The team with the best hand can receive one point. You can then set a goal that teams must reach to win.

Plan Peripherals Accordingly

You can make your other versions of bowling that you think will be perfect for your organization. Of course, aside from the bowling itself, you will need to divide the teams according to their strengths and weaknesses. You also need to have awards or prizes ready.

Bowling can be a memorable and highly effective experience for everyone in your organization. You may be able to forge that teamwork you want to see, as long as you plan things correctly and keep the fun in mind.