Making Your Home Senior Friendly

Seniors waking up in the morningSlapstick comedies prompt us to laugh whenever someone, slips, trips, or falls – but it’s not always as funny in reality. Fall injuries are potentially dangerous and can either be fatal or non-fatal, so much so that the World Health Organization ranks falls as the second leading cause of accidental deaths in the world.

Although anyone can be at risk of falling, senior citizens have a higher risk of injury. Death rates from fall-related accidents are also higher among senior citizens.

Senior-Proofing Your Home

Now, it may seem like moving around your house is just one big accident waiting to happen, if you have not taken the necessary measures to senior-proof it. but fear not, here are some ways for you to keep your elderly loved ones safe in-home situations.

  • Install good lighting. Remember that senior citizens might not be able to see as well as they used to. Having better lighting in areas such as staircases and doorways allows them to see the path more clearly.
  • An obvious thing to do is to remove any obstacle that can cause you to slip, trip, or fall. A curled carpet corner is a common culprit in fall accidents among senior citizens.
  • Home improvement providers such as Steve & Leif suggest anti-slip tape as a quick, low-cost solution.  Attach these to floors, stairs and ramps to provide better traction.
  • Additionally, invest in a non-slip mat. These mats are made of rubber or PVC that prevents algae growth. It’s also bacteria resistant and it absorbs moisture. This is helpful in bathrooms where a wet floor can cause serious accidents. If you’re not up to replacing your rugs, put some double-sided tape on the rug’s flip side to prevent it from curling or moving.
  • Install handrails on staircases and grab bars in the bathroom.  Handrails offer seniors stability and support when going up and down the stairs and grab bars can help them maintain their balance when they take a bath or use the toilet.

Prevention is Better than Cure

The statistics can be daunting so it pays to know how you can keep your home as senior-friendly as possible. As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure.