Match the Right Pair of Boots with the Right Suit

Lower body shot of man wearing suitA suit could only be complete with the right footwear, and you can always be right with handmade boots made in the U.S. HELM Boots USA, LLC and fashion experts noted that you have to pick a pair that goes well with a specific suit, though.

In general, a boot will perfectly match a suit when it passes certain refinement standards. You can first look at the tread, which should be low and similar to a dress shoe. Secondly, look at the construction of the boots, which needs to have a high shaft with elegant and muted details similar to a dress shoe.

Specific Choices: For Formal Work

More specifically, you can look for Chelsea boots, which will need slim pants. At the same time, to pull off the right look, your pants need to have a narrow leg opening that can reach right over the boots. Alternately, you can choose pants that have a slight break between the leg openings and the boots.

Specific Choices: For Corporate Combat

Combat boots may be quite stocky, but they can also look great with a suit. As long as you choose a pair without a lug sole and a bulging toe, the right combat boots will look similar to dress shoes. To style your suit according to the boots, you can choose pants with a cuffed hem.

Specific Choices: For Rugged Office Work

Who knew work boots could look great in a suit? You can choose a pair of boots with a mock-toe detail, and you have an edgy yet still dressy pair of footwear. Work boots can be paired better with more colorful or patterned suits, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Specific Choices: For Climbing the Company Ladder

Finally, at the highest-end of the rugged boot spectrum, hiking boots can also be great with a suit as long as you pick a luxury pair of boots. Of course, even with all the luxury details, hiking boots remain hiking boots. As a contrast, you can wear this pair with the slickest light-colored suit you have.

Now, you not only have the right footwear, but the right style as well.