Say, “I Do” With Diamonds

A man offering a wedding ringHow does it feel when you finally hear, “Will you marry me?” from the man of your dreams?

For many women, engagement is only the prelude to a happy wedding and marriage, and the ring is the centrepiece of a proposal. These days, KAVUT recommends it is much easier to purchase unique rings and pieces from jewelry stores.

However, you can also customize an engagement ring with the help of a designer or consider the most convenient way: go shopping online. Here are some useful pointers to consider when getting a ring for your future bride.

The budget

Setting a budget for a ring could be more overwhelming. Choose something that you can afford. If you can’t afford a diamond, choose one that has another precious stone but is more affordable, such as topaz or garnet.

The quality

If you could afford a diamond, you should consider the four Cs, which is the best way to determine quality. First, consider the cut, which is the angles and proportion of the diamond.

Second, check the clarity of the stone. It should be clear and have no clouds and impurities.

Third, check the carat or the weight of the diamond. The bigger the carat, the more expensive the stone.

Lastly is the color. White diamonds are the most expensive ones because they are rare and lack impurities.

The setting

The setting is how the stone is placed together with the metal band. Make sure that the setting complements the cut of the stone. The setting should also highlight each facet of the stone and not diminish its clarity and fire.

Diamonds are timeless. It signifies your commitment as a couple with a stone that symbolizes eternity. Visiting a jewelry shop or go online shopping with your future bride to start your journey to forever.