Say Yes to New Ring Styles: Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

The engagement ring setMany options are available if you are looking for a unique engagement ring for your partner. While you can always buy a quality engagement ring from a trusted jewelry provider like The Diamond Family, choosing from a new crop of engagement ring styles will help you and your better half stand out from the crowd of couples and feel more special.

If you think that 2018 is your engagement year, take the time to dive into these upcoming engagement ring trends.

Colorful Gems

Colorful gemstones are becoming more popular in the world of fine jewelry. Engagement ring makers are branching out from conventional colorless diamonds to introducing sophisticated pops of color in the ring design. Couples today are taking note of this trend so they can check out the beautiful selection of subtle rose, gray, and champagne stones. These beautiful, warm-hued gems provide the perfect complement to rose gold jewelry.

Going Vintage

There has been a resurgence in all things vintage these past few years, and engagement rings are no exception. Vintage engagement rings give the wearer a romantic feeling, making this ring style a nice choice for a proposal. Apart from its captivating old world charm, vintage rings usually contain detailed designs. Vintage is truly one of those styles that will last a lifetime.

Oval Cuts

Although round-cut diamonds still reign supreme, ovals will be catching on in 2018. This beautiful shape provides a classic feel to the wearer. A slight twist can even make your engagement ring stand out. Besides how clean and unique these oval cuts look, its elongated shape can make your fingers look thin and long.

Colorful gems, vintage-inspired jewelry, and oval cuts are a few of the engagement trends you can expect this 2018. While these trends are great, it is still a good idea to try on as many rings as possible before you commit to a particular style.