The Basic Skin Care Regimen

Beautiful blonde womanThere have been a lot of trends in skin care in the Philippines. One of the longest-lasting has been the use of skin whitening products of various kinds. This has been an obsession of Filipinos since the 1970s. Nowadays, sophisticated users are staying away from skin whitening lotions. They are more into anti-aging and revitalizing formulations such as those offered by Kedma skin care. Scientific research backs these new skin care formulations. They are also based on a system. Single products no longer have the range to act as moisturizers, cleaners, revitalizing cream, eye cream, or more.

A procedure for using skin care products

For so long, skin care has been associated with women. Nowadays, more and more men are using skin care products as well. Both men and women feel the need to keep their skin healthy and cared for. There is an order for using different skin care products. Morning and evening skin care routines require time allotment. There are some minor differences between the two. The basic procedure for both morning and evening routines starts with washing the face. This cleans the dirt from the skin, allowing for better absorption of the succeeding products. The second step is to use an alcohol-free toner. Next is the application of serum. Serums have concentrated formulas for specific skin issues. A layer of moisturizer is then applied. This helps keep the skin hydrated. Finally, pat eye cream on the skin around the eyes to help prevent dark circles and crow’s feet.

Additional steps

There is an additional step before putting on makeup in the morning. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is part of the morning skin care protection. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Apply sunscreen several times a day, especially after swimming or sweating under the sun. For evening skin care, apply makeup remover after washing the face and before using a toner. After using a facial cleanser, apply a peel pad. After the skin dries, follow up with a moisturizer. Lastly, use anti-aging treatment to fight against signs of aging.

Skin care becomes more important with age. The skin loses its resiliency with age, and a skin care regimen is useful in preventing the appearance of signs of aging.