The Best Eyewear: What Suits You?

man smiling wearing an eyewearWearing the right eyewear can enhance your appearance and even improve your mood. For many people, glasses are no longer for those with weak eyesight; they are now a fashion accessory that

So how does one pick the perfect frame? It depends on a lot of factors. Here are some pointers you should consider before purchasing your next glasses from your favourite eyewear manufacturer:

The shape of your face

For those with a round face, square and rectangular frames can give your face some structure. These will also add balance and make your face look a bit slimmer.

But if you have a square face, you should go for oval or round frames because they can soften your features. People with heart-shaped faces should use square or round glasses because it lessens the angularity of the chin but at the same time gives your forehead some balance.

The tone of your skin

It is not a simple act of choosing your favourite colour. The general rule is to choose a tone that complements your skin. Find your skin’s undertone, whether it’s warm or cool, and you will discover the appropriate colour for you.

For example, it is advisable to use brown, gold, light tortoise, and olive green frames if you have a yellowish complexion. For those with bluish or pinkish skin tone, silver, black, purple, blue, and pink frames are better.

Your lifestyle and personality

Another consideration should be your lifestyle. If you are the active type, eyewear with foldable frames that can twist and bend will be best. Eyewear with side shields could also be good to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

Consider these things and you will have a greater chance of finding the perfect frame for you. Of course, you need to make sure that you purchase only from trusted eyewear manufacturers if you want to have sturdy glasses that you can use for a long time.