The Cost of a Wedding in the UK: How Much is It?

Groom and bride kissingBritons who plan to tie the knot in the U.K. would need to spend a total of £27,161 for an average wedding, which may or may not include an engagement ring, according to

The place where you plan to exchange vows could also make the occasion more or less expensive, as well as adding other small details such as choosing China patterns and luxury flower bouquets offered by shops such as Lola Flower Boutique.

In London, for instance, the price of an average wedding has now amounted to £33,884.

Wedding Venues

You can attribute much of the expenses for an average wedding in the country to the wedding and reception venues, food and the bride’s dress among other factors. However, take note to include the cost of the engagement ring and honeymoon if you are working on a budget.

Weddings in Scotland may be the least expensive, as couples only need to spend £26,544, which is lower than the national average. The survey based its estimated costs in the region from 4,000 brides.

Low-Cost Events

Times are tough and more couples would rather spend on a new house or save for the future instead of throwing a fancy wedding. One way to save on expenses involves booking a cancelled wedding venue, which could provide you with up to a 65 percent discount.

For those with tighter budgets, brides can choose to wear dresses that cost as low as £3 when bought online. Another way to cut costs will require you to prepare for the wedding within a limited time since it forces you to skip on elaborate details due to the time constraint.


You and your future spouse should ultimately be the ones to decide how much you plan to spend on your wedding. It can be as lavish as you envisioned it, although there are ways to make it an elegant occasion without burning a hole in your pocket.