The Trendiest Spectacle Frames for You

woman trying on new spectaclesGlasses have evolved over the years to enhance functionality and make them more comfortable for their wearers. One of the key components of spectacles that have evolved is their frames.

There are various frame options from spectacle manufacturers, and many frame designs change to fit the prevailing market needs and style. Here are the latest trends for this year’s frames.

Horn-Rimmed or Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshell frames now come in various colours to suit all hair and skin tones. Teal tortoiseshell frames pair well with brown eyes. These frames make them stand out. A purple and teal combination is the ideal choice for those who want a bold look.

Oversized cat-eye frames are the best option for wearers who have diamond and oval-shaped faces. Bold black and yellow tortoiseshell frames are perfect for men’s office wear.

Colourful and Clear Transparent Frames

Clear plastic is the material of choice for many fashion accessories this year. Transparent frames are available in tinted and clear types, which both offer a beautiful and elegant look. Transparent honey-coloured frames match well with pale, light skin tones. For those looking for a bold look, light-toned frames will go a long way in helping you achieve it.

Gold Metal Wireframes

Gold is the perfect way to make a fashion statement. Gold metal wireframes are the epitome of elegance. They are perfect as accessories for formal and quirky outfits. Round metal wireframes are best for those who want to give an image of a detail-oriented person. Many men prefer these glasses but are now also a popular choice for women.

Glasses are now a fashion accessory rather than a mere tool to improve your eyesight. Like all accessories, it is essential to match them with your outfit and match your skin and hair colour. You could get your glasses in several frames to match different outfits and occasions, but you should make your comfort the best reason to choose the right spectacles.