What Makes a Good Hairdresser?

Hairdresser styling a customer's hairOne can consider hairdressing as an art, and a good hairdresser as Michelangelo. After all, a good hairstyle speaks volumes without a single word. It can make or break social interactions and directly affect anyone’s self-esteem.

Finding a hairstylist is not that difficult. Finding a good one, however, is another story.

A good hairdresser can do wonders for your look and style. That is if they have specific qualities. These traits are what separate the artist from the sham.

A Consummate Professional

Hairdressing is all about communication. A stylist who does his/her own thing rarely succeeds. Stylist-client rapport is integral to success. This is what defines a true professional hairdresser. They listen to the customer’s wants and needs and are skilled enough to breathe life into those visions.

In order to visualise what the client wants, a good stylist must also be well-equipped. What is an artist without tools, anyway? When browsing for tools, such as hair scissors in New Zealand, stylists take note of their personal and clients’ tastes in equal measure. They consider their skill level and specific situations that require a specific tool.

In short, a good hairdresser adapts and thrives in varied situations. Whatever the client wants, they can provide.

A Genuine Connection

Great stylists not only communicate with their clients; they also build a genuine connection. Understand that people sometimes find it hard to trust a hairdresser. But when the rapport is established, it builds up a true relationship. A stylist is not just someone who gets a client’s hair done. They are considered friends.

Walking into the salon, clients don’t feel judged. They feel comfortable, excited for a round of conversation, and genuinely looking forward to the experience. There is not even an extensive need for talking in terms of what the client likes. A good hairdresser has everything memorised, from the colour to the specific cut.

These two qualities are all that one could ask for when walking into a salon. For those who already see these in their hairdressers, you are lucky. That professional relationship is for keeps.