What You Need to Know About Becoming a Jewellery Designer

Loose diamond parcel on black backgroundA jewellery designer may not be a conventional career, but you can make a good living as long as you work hard enough to make it in the jewellery industry. You may be asking, however, how can you make it in the jewellery industry?


You first need skills and experience to become a jewellery designer. You can get an apprenticeship, a diploma, or a degree. A degree in jewellery design will be the foremost training qualification companies will look for.

Even if you plan to establish a jewellery business on your own, a background in jewellery design can propel you towards success.


As you study and train yourself, you need to acquire several skills all jewellery designers have. Of course, you need to have the creativity to think of designs. One expert designer advises to take inspiration from everywhere and to dedicate yourself to pure designing to create stunning jewellery.

When you plan to establish your own jewellery business, you have to learn business skills as well. You can take a course, or you can educate yourself using online resources. Books can also be invaluable in training yourself for business.

Jewellery Maker

Do you know who will make your jewellery? A jewellery designer in Birmingham, UK can find many jewellery makers in the area. You can work with jewellery casters. You can collaborate with other makers that specialise in other jewellery production methods.

Your knowledge on jewellery design will be able to help you choose which production method to use for your designs.


According to National Careers Service, at the onset, you can earn £16,000 as a beginner in a jewellery company. In your own jewellery business, you may be able to make more depending on how successful your products will be. You can even work as a freelance designer.

The road towards success as a jewellery designer, just like any other career, will bring your difficulty. As long as you persevere, however, you can find your designs worn by thousands of people in the future.