What’s in a Korean Karaoke Bar?

Flying colours against friends singing at karaokeKoreans love having fun. Over some booze and snacks, they love gathering as a group either chitchatting or better yet, singing their hearts out. The latter has been a booming business not just in Korea, but also in most parts of the world. Yes, you read that right. You can find Korean karaoke bars everywhere, including America. What are they made of that’s too interesting?

Private Singing Rooms

What separates Korean karaoke bars from the rest is that they have private singing rooms. Unlike the regular singing in front of the bar or restaurant that Westerners are used to, with many strangers for an audience, Korean karaoke or Noraebang will only have your friends as witnesses to however great or terrible singer you are.

How it Works

You pay for a room per hour at the reception area, pick up your drinks and snacks, and head to a private room where you can sing your heart out. This time, you will be left with only your friends, hang out, and just enjoy your time picking random songs and lending your own version to them.

How Does it Look Like

It’s not as if the singing rooms are underequipped. When you drop by a karaoke bar in LA, you will likely find a huge TV screen, a high tech karaoke machine, disco lights, a cozy sofa, and a spacious table. It would be like sitting in your living room area with your friends, only better because there’s the karaoke to turn to and keep the bonding time even more exciting.

The Korean social way of life is pretty enviable. They spend a good amount of time having fun, hanging out with friends, and goofing around. It is definitely fantastic that we can all have a taste of that socializing because the Korean karaoke bar phenomenon has bitten the rest of the world.