Why Do You Need to Insure Your Jewelry?

Antique jewelry boxMost women and a few men love jewelry. Regardless of the type of jewelry you wear, it is bound to make you look beautiful, vibrant, and youthful. A lovely diamond necklace or a sparkling string of pearls can complement your outfit in the most stunning manner possible.

If you have some antique and/or expensive jewelry, then it is best to insure them, mainly for your peace of mind. This is the best way to keep your sentimental and valuable jewelry safe. Experts recommend that you allow a professional to fix your jewelry in Utah and then take out an insurance policy that totally covers your jewelry. There are several benefits to insuring your precious jewelry.

Homeowner’s Insurance Is Not Sufficient

A normal homeowner’s insurance will cover a small amount for theft claims, as it will combine both the loss of personal property and your jewelry. A homeowner’s insurance is not enough. Another fact to remember is that the homeowner’s insurance will not cover precious stones embedded in your jewelry. So, talk to your insurance agent and have your jewelry covered for its current value. This will ensure that your claim, in the unfortunate event of a theft, is adequate.

Get the Jewelry Appraised

Before scheduling to insure all your jewelry items, have them appraised. Some insurance companies will replace gold jewelry with similar pieces in case of loss or if it is stolen. When you get your claim, the appraisal will ensure that the compensation is right. The accident jewelry insurance will compensate you even when you lose a precious stone on the jewelry or the whole item itself. Getting the pieces appraised also lets you know their true value.

Contact a couple of insurance companies and get specific quotes. Ask questions before getting the coverage. A reliable insurance company will provide all the information and assistance you need.