4 Interesting Things You Must Know About Prisons and Jailhouses

A prisoner in a cellDespite its rough reputation, jailhouses are and will always be interesting to some people. It is a whole different world in there, in fact, many TV shows and movies are inspired by jailhouses and inmates.

This is the main reason jailhouse tours in the UK and around the world are popular with tourists and even the locals. An added bonus is that most of the old and closed jailhouses are haunted due to the history of how the inmates died and how gruesome everything went down.

Here are some interesting facts about prisons from all over the world and why you should consider joining a jailhouse tour soon.

The Alcatraz Theory

The Alcatraz prison in the U.S. is located in Alcatraz Island, which is situated in the San Francisco Bay. It used to provide hot water for the inmates to bathe in because the police and government thought that if they did, then the inmates would not be able to stand the cold of the San Francisco Bay waters if they ever tried to escape. The Alcatraz prison was the only federal penitentiary in the U.S. that allowed inmates to bathe in hot water.

The Netherlands Do Not Have Enough Prisoners

In the past couple of years, the Netherlands has seen many jailhouses close down. In 2013 alone, the government closed down about eight jailhouses.

This was due to the fact that the crime rates are declining and they just do not need the jailhouses, as criminals were nowhere to be found. Talk about an ideal country to live in.

The Rise on American Inmates

What the Netherlands lack, the U.S. is making up for. It is reported that as of 2018, there are about 2.4 million incarcerated Americans. They have the largest prison population in the world, which makes the host of about 25% of the world’s criminals.

A Man Named Joseph

Joseph Bolitho Johns, also known as Moondyne Joe, who lived in the 1800s escaped prison so many times that the Australian government decided to build a special prison cell just for him. They were confident that Joseph would not be able to escape that cell and promised to forgive him for all his crimes if ever he can escape from it. Well, guess what? He was still able to escape that specific cell.

Jailhouses are simply intriguing, as most of them hold stories that we can only hear happening in prison. Go ahead and sign up for a tour today, you will never believe the stories the private guides will tell you.