Eye Candy: The Must-See Visual Treats at Sentosa

Singapore MerlionNot everyone is a fan of physically demanding activities. Instead of intense thrills, they prefer peaceful pastimes or just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a feast for the eyes. If you’re one such person, then Sentosa is the hotspot you’re looking for. Here are some great places to visit in Singapore when you want to unwind.

An Affair by the Sea

Nothing is more relaxing than a luxury cruise. The Royal Albatross, a 47m, 4-masted, and 22-sailed superyacht, carries its passengers around Singapore’s beautiful coast and its southern islands. It cruises the waters during the afternoon, so people on board can wine, dine, witness the sunset while watching the city’s impressive skyline light up.

Light Up the Night Sky

There’s another way to unwind by the Singaporean waters, but this time, it’s accompanied by lasers, lights and fire effects. The Wings of Time is a fabulous light show depicting the story of Shahbaz, a magical, prehistoric bird. Together with Rachel and Felix, it journeys across time and lands to uncover what the mysteries of courage and friendship hold.

Lake of Dreams is another spectacular light show that combines flaming dragons, water cannons and special laser effects. Meanwhile, Crane Dance depicts the love story between two mechanical cranes as they transform into real birds. This light show sports cutting-edge audio and visual technologies.

A visit to Singapore won’t be complete without seeing the majestic Sentosa Merlion. The 37-metre tall statue will be bedecked with spectacular animations and projections. The park runs a celebrations edition of the event until January 1.

Memorable Museums

Those who are looking for a quieter way to unwind can explore Sentosa’s museums. Images of Singapore LIVE lets visitors experience the spirit of Singapore; it features 15 areas that narrate the country’s 200-year history. Meanwhile, tourists can get a taste of Hollywood at the Madame Tussauds Singapore.

The ultimate visual treat is at the Trick Eye Museum. It’s an optical art museum with 90 installations designed to deceive the eyes. The realistic illusions feature the people’s culture, including the Merlion and horse-racing.

Sentosa offers several activities for people who want to relax, minus the heart-stopping adrenaline rush. With a wide selection of cruises, light shows and museums, it’s home to all kinds of visual treats.