Knowledge and Sentosa: Fun and Learning Were Never Mutually Exclusive

Sentosa IslandSingapore is a country of diversity, and Sentosa is one of its jewels. Sentosa Island, Singapore’s top tourist destination, is filled with places and activities that people of all ages or walks of life can enjoy. From children to adults, tourists to locals, Sentosa’s attractions offer all kinds of experiences.

What makes Sentosa special is, learning always goes hand-in-hand with fun. Wherever visitors, especially students, go on the island, they will learn new things about their environment and the history of Singapore.

Fun Places to Learn

Field trips are opportunities for students to learn outside of the confines of their classroom, and there are many fun places to go around Singapore. In Sentosa, not only do they have exciting parks and amazing light shows, but they also have educational attractions for students to enjoy such as:

  • Animal and bird encounters – Students can go around the Palawan Amphitheatre and watch the monkeys, reptiles, and birds in action, at the same time learn about what makes each of them unique.
  • Butterfly park and insect kingdom – Students are led on a guided tour that showcases nature’s beautiful inhabitants. Butterflies and other exotic insects are sure to bring joy to all who visit.
  • Dolphin Island – With a variety of programmes, visitors of Dolphin Island can interact with and learn more about the Bottlenose dolphins that inhabit the area.
  • Fort Silo – This historical site once served as Singapore’s defence against any sea invasion during the 19th century. Its cannons were turned inland, however, during World War II to protect Singapore from the Japanese troops.

Experiencing Sentosa

There’s no specific way to enjoy Sentosa wholly. Tourists can go about and join planned group tours, or even go around the island on their own. Each experience is unique because it can be done differently each time. Choose what kind of experience you want. Then, you can decide if you want to go around on your own, or if you want to join a group.

Sentosa Island in Singapore is all about learning new things and having fun at the same time. There’s no reason both can’t co-exist.