Rock 2018 in Singapore With These Travel-Friendly Tips

singapore's merlionJanuary is one of the busiest months in Singapore. The recent data from the Singapore Tourism Board revealed that more than 1.48 million people visited the country in January 2017. If you are planning to welcome 2018 with a trip to Singapore, you better make sure you are ready.

Here are some travel tips to make your Singapore New Year memorable and rocking:

Book your accommodation early

Whilst Singapore is experiencing a flat occupancy rate, it still remains high. In January, more than 82 per cent of its gazetted hotels were occupied. The room rate likewise tends to be higher.

Buy your ticket to the biggest party in town

Come New Year’s Eve, almost everyone will be on the streets, drinking and having fun. But if you are looking for the most amazing countdown party in Singapore, there’s no other place to be than in Sentosa.

It is the only beach party in town! Guests can look forward to overflowing beer, crazy music and fun-loving people. You can also be a VIP with exclusive access to a bar and a priority pass to skip the queue. This event likewise offers big discounts for the early birds, so grab your tickets now before they run out.

Watch the fireworks for free (or almost free)

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world and it gets costlier during the holidays. Anything free should be a priority. To catch the most amazing fireworks, find the Merlion. Or if you already have your beach party ticket, the 6,000-shot fireworks display already comes with the price.

Plan your itinerary properly

The holidays mean more people, and more people mean long queues in everywhere, from the hawker centres to the train stations. Get ready to wait for at least 30 minutes for your meals. When it comes to transport, it is normal for trains and buses to extend their services past midnight, but their schedules can vary depending on the routes. Moreover, road closures can divert certain bus services.

Who knows how soon can you go back to Singapore or if you will have another chance to spend New Year’s Eve here? Make it count with these tips.