You Don’t Have to be a Crazy Rich Asian to Feel the Singapore New Year Madness

crowd watching fireworksThere’s nothing quite like welcoming the New Year in Singapore, one of Asia’s leading financial hubs. Peppered with vibrant parties, classy bars and an overall sense of happiness, it is a great place for a fresh start. It has something for everyone, from the partygoer to the quiet merrymaker.

Moreover, although it’s home to Nicholas Young and his crew of crazy rich Asians, you don’t need to boast a 9-zero net worth to experience the Singapore New Year. Here’s how you can jumpstart 2018.

Revel by the Beachside

If you want to start the year on a high note, set your sights on a killer beachside countdown party in Singapore, like the Siloso Beach Party at Sentosa – State of Fun. With the best DJs and hottest tunes (we’re talking Bassjackers — DJ Mag’s 35th best DJ this year), you’ll be hyped from the dusk of 2017 to the dawn of the new year.

It’s even more fun when you bring your squad to the party. After all, what’s a better combination than best friends and the great party music?

Light Up the Sky

If you’re not into high energy and loud music, don’t fret. Singapore has a lot of fireworks displays you can watch. It’s perfect for a not-so-quiet and festive goodbye to the passing year.

Although every other country in the world celebrates the New Year with these visual treats, it’s a little bit more engaging in Singapore. There’s no shortage of rooftop bars and restaurants that offer a fantastic view of the 2018 sky; this will make for a truly memorable start.

A word of caution, though: places like these fill up quickly, so if you plan to sit back, relax and bask in Singapore’s colourful fireworks, make your reservations early.

Indulge in Good Food

Exceptional Singaporean cuisine is enough to make for a scrumptious and abundant start. Since it’s common practice to keep the dinner table full on New Year’s Eve, Singaporeans and tourists alike flock to the country’s best restaurants to indulge in exotic culinary treats.  A Singaporean food night is an unforgettable delight, especially when paired with the best wines.

Singapore offers a wide range of celebratory events to welcome 2018. From great countdown parties to splendid food choices, it is one of the best places to bid the year adieu.